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Hi. I'm Donna and the owner of a business called Luv2Emboss. I've been crafting since the moment I could color with a crayon without eating it first! I have been embossing with Lasting Impressions' Brass Templates for 20 years and I am on their Design Team. I also love to craft with rubber stamps and I sell Lawn Fawn products. I hope the cards and projects I display will perk your interest to try a new craft or play with an old one! Enjoy. :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Good morning everyone.  Apparently, Ms. Kaye needs a vacation and sent me this adorable card to post.  It's her June Challenge Card and mighty cute:

Kaye's Vacation June Challenge using LI
Template #M10.
Kaye's Card Inside LI Template #M10 Vacation.

In case you can't tell, this poor girl needs a vacation from the stay-cation at home!  :-)   I think everyone is pretty tired of staying home and some things are opening up but, I'm not sure things will get back to "normal" any time soon.  In the meantime, perhaps I can entertain you with this quick story about my vacation with Kaye in late 2018:

Unbeknownst to Kaye, McDonald's is not my favorite place to eat for reasons I will not bore you with here.  Bottomline, I was so excited to visit Kaye; she picked me up at the airport; and, took me to dinner ... at McDonald's.  OMG, now mind you, I did not say a word.  She ordered us burgers, cokes, and fries and one burger for the cutest little dog, who sat perched between us with unavoidable eye contact.  Hmmmmmm, that would be one eye because Scooter only has one eye!  :-)  A couple of days later, I finally got the nerve up to tell Kaye that while I love "fine dining," McDonald's would  not be my first choice for our first dinner together in Utah.  OMG, we have laughed about this for years and I tease her, unmercifully, every chance I get.  "Give me Chick-Fil-A"  ... but not McDonald's!  LOL  She did make up for that first meal by going out for dessert and a photo sometimes just says it all:

I love ya, my Utah sister and thanks for all the laughter and your very cute card!  Happy embossing everyone ... and go eat something wonderful like the blueberry/rhubarb pie I just took out of the oven.  It is heavenly ... with ice cream of course!  :-)  Donna


  1. We might not have ocean front property here in the state of Utah, but we do have the 'Great Salt Lake'! Lol! I just may have to take a trip over to Antelope Island and run my tootsies in the softest white sand on the west side of the island!! Better a day trip than no trip at all!!! Don't you agree? Lol!!!

    1. Better yet ... come visit me and let's walk the beautiful San Diego beaches! :-)