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Hi. I'm Donna and the owner of a business called Luv2Emboss. I've been crafting since the moment I could color with a crayon without eating it first! I have been embossing with Lasting Impressions' Brass Templates for 20 years and I am on their Design Team. I also love to craft with rubber stamps and I sell Lawn Fawn products. I hope the cards and projects I display will perk your interest to try a new craft or play with an old one! Enjoy. :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Karie's Halloween Sentiment Poem

If any of you are watching Lasting Impressions' Summer Class Videos, then you know that the last week of classes, with a Christmas theme, has been delayed and will start next Monday, September 21st.  So, I decided we might as well slip some Halloween ideas in on the Blog while we wait.  Design Team member Karie just sent me some fabulous Halloween Tags which, BTW, could easily be turned into a greeting card as well.  Take a look at these ideas.  I know they will inspire you like they did me!  Happy Embossing, :-)  Donna

Karie's Leggy Spider #L9419

Karie's Scarecrow #L9541 & #L9067

Karie's Hat, Pumpkin & Moon #L529

Karie's Spell, Books & Potion #L9330 & #L9240

Karie's Haunting #L999, #L930 & #S456

Karie's Crazy Pumpkin #L9068

Karie's Mummy #L9319

Karie's Cauldron #L90039
Karie's Eeek Spider #L9669

Karie's Frankie #L9424

Karie's Ghost Graveyard #L9415 & #S456
Karie's Halloween Candy #L9347

Karie's Candelabra #L9527

Karie's Candy Corn #S487

Karie's Pirate #L9532

Karie's Bat #L9125 & #l9619
Karie's Bat & Pumpkin #L9317

Karie's Witch & Potion #L9339 & #L9421


  1. Replies
    1. She did an awesome job, Julie. This gal is the "newbie" on the team and very enthusiastic. She always inspires me! Now, if you only had Halloween in Australia. :-) XO

  2. Whoa! ... Karie! ... You have really outdone your self!!! These are really, really cute!!! And so MANY of them!!! That is amazing!!!

    1. OMG she really did outdid herself, didn't she? LOL I look forward to pinching some of her tag ideas for Halloween Cards!

  3. Sorry this blog is being difficult. Thanks for posting them!! I was sure it was too early for me to think about Halloween but I guess the spirit just moved me!! Ha, ha!! And I did just slap those tags on cards so I am almost done with October cards...just a few more to do!! Hope all is well with you guys, take care.

  4. Great job Karie and I look forward to seeing some of those October cards! Big Thank you.

  5. OMG Karie, you have so many fabulous ideas!! I don't know how you keep coming up with so many or find the time. Holy moly, I love them all! They are all so stinkin' cute and I love your bows. You are like the Energizer Bunny. LOL I want to know what you eat for breakfast and whether you sleep! ��