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Hi. I'm Donna and the owner of a business called Luv2Emboss. I've been crafting since the moment I could color with a crayon without eating it first! I have been embossing with Lasting Impressions' Brass Templates for 20 years and I am on their Design Team. I also love to craft with rubber stamps and I sell Lawn Fawn products. I hope the cards and projects I display will perk your interest to try a new craft or play with an old one! Enjoy. :-)

Monday, November 19, 2018


Did you know that Lasting Impressions is not “just a one trick pony!”  There are so many thing you can do, i.e., emboss, of course, with more than 1800 brass templates; make greeting cards and other craft projects with their beautiful cardstocks; and, there are endless ways and ideas using their MemoryMixer Scrapbook program … not to mention their Colored Impressions Software also! Oh my goodness, the list goes on and on!  I, for one, craft with Lasting impressions almost every day.  The project above is just one of my recent endeavors.  I purchased some wood letter blocks and the race was on to replace the “O” in the word HOME.  This idea came from a company called Foundations Decor and along with another company called The Wood Connection, I managed to fill the “O” spot with 12 different images and here’s the kicker … all images are covered with Lasting Impressions’ Cardstock!  Yep … every last one of them.  Here, for example, is Mr. Waddles and he is the most special image, out of the twelve, because he was actually created, and gifted to me, by LI Blog Design Team Member Barbara!  She used some older LI cardstock and embossed with LI Template #L9348 (flower petal) for his feet and LI Template #L9816 (wreath bow) for his necktie.  Isn’t he adorable?  I love him!
My point here is, think out of the box using Lasting Impressions to create something wonderful for yourself or someone you love or your family and friends.  There’s really no trick to it.  It’s easy and so much fun.  I will be sharing the rest of my “HOME” with you as the months go by so stay tuned and in the meantime, I am wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Embossing joys, 🙂  Donna