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Hi. I'm Donna and the owner of a business called Luv2Emboss. I've been crafting since the moment I could color with a crayon without eating it first! I have been embossing with Lasting Impressions' Brass Templates for 20 years and I am on their Design Team. I also love to craft with rubber stamps and I sell Lawn Fawn products. I hope the cards and projects I display will perk your interest to try a new craft or play with an old one! Enjoy. :-)

Friday, July 31, 2020


Donna's Composition Travel Book 2011.

Years ago I made this Composition Travel Book to take with me on a Road Trip Dick and I took in 2011.  At the time, I didn't realize how wonderful this "diary" of our trip would be but, years later, as I look through this book, I am reminded what a great trip we had and I'm so happy I documented everything so I might travel along memory lane again and again and again!  I used LI Template #L9384 and Colored Impression's Software to complete the cover of my book.

Tomorrow is the first day of August and our template theme for the month is anything "vacation."  I can't wait to see what the design team comes up with and I hope some of you might be planning a road trip of your own, even if it's just to get out of the house.  Perhaps you might pitch a tent with your kids in your own backyard.  Skype family and friends and chat about a vacation you took in the past with them or one you are planning in the future.

I am wishing you all blue skies, great memories, stay healthy and go create a "vacation something" of your own!  Happy embossing, :-) Donna.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Good afternoon.  Before leaving the month of July, I wanted to post a couple of Christmas ideas from my Aussie buddy Julie I just received and a few more oldies that I sent out recently to family and friends.  Its been great fun going through those 20+ shoe boxes full of my cards and it has truly been a nice ride down memory lane for most of them.  Here are 3 cards from Julie:

Julie's Christmas Bear using LI Template #L1089.
Julie's Christmas Tree using LI Template #L9075.

Julie's Santa using LI Template #L9683.

And a few "oldies" from me:

Donna's Oldie, Hi Tweety using LI Template #L9666.

Donna's Kick Up Your Heels using LI Template #L9238.

Donna's Smile Poppies using LI Templatae #L9642

Donna's Miss You using LI Template #L9335.

Next up:  August Template Challenge Theme ... all about vacations!  That could be a "tuffy" with our stay-at-home orders but, I am confident the Design Team will come up with some great ideas so check back soon.  Happy Embossing, :-)  Donna.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Katie's Get Well Knee!
One of our dearest friends, Katie, is a nurse and she sent my husband Dick the cutest card yesterday.  Leave it to her to come up with this very creative, fun card when laughter in the house has been at a minimum of late!  Thank you so much Katie.  We needed that.

As I mentioned, I've been busy sending out some old cards of mine and truly some have been a struggle to part with.  Those that were not ... ended up in the recycle bin.  :-)  Here are just a few I thought were still worth saving!  I hope you have an amazing day.  Happy embossing!  :-) Donna

/Donna's Cat Lunch

Donna's Cupcake

Donna's Hello Big Daisy

Donna's Hello Telephone

Donna's Blue Polka Dot Flower

Donna's Here Birdie-Birdie

Donna's Daisies

Donna's Black Eyed Susans

Donna's Friends

Donna's Leap Frog

Donna's Life's a beach shaker

Donna's Flower Shed
Donna's Keep Life Simple

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Dick and Donna Lane
Years ago I found my soulmate and it has been my pleasure to spoil him during those many years.  Right now Dick is recovering from knee replacement surgery and for those of you who have experienced such a surgery, you know it's not fun!  As he spends much of his time in his Lazy Boy Chair, icing his knee, I've been going through some 20 shoes boxes of cards I've made over the years.  Usually, I make two of the same card ... one to mail and one to keep.  Dick, possibly feeling quite grumpy of late, suggested I go through those boxes and mail those "keeper" cards out!  Oh my goodness, I find it hard to part with them, especially since I think, and hope, my crafting has improved, and quite frankly, some of these "keepers" are a bit embarrassing.  :-)  So, I am laughing my way through these many boxes and mailing these keepers to family and friends because, who doesn't like to get mail ... even if some are on the "ugly-side!"  :-)  I hope you all have an amazing day and find some keepers of your own to send to someone to let them know you are thinking of them.  And, if you are looking for something new to do, during this Pandemic, take a look at Lasting Impressions' Summer Camp Classes.  You can purchase the projects now and on-line classes will begin August 3rd.  Until next time ... Happy Embossing!  :-)  Donna

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Christmas Mittens by Barbara.

Good morning!  And Warmest Wishes to you all from very warm San Diego!  Today is my last day of posting "oldies but goodies" and these are embossed miscellaneous ones I've found on Pinterest.  Some of my favorites, I can assure you, and I hope you will enjoy them also!  Next month I will be posting vacation themed ideas so stay tuned for some new goodies!  Happy Embossing, :-)  Donna

Santa Tag found on Etsy.

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Jan's Sitting Snowman Tag using LI Template #L9017.

Day 4 of some wonderful Christmas ideas from teammate Jan.  I love the little guy above and he fits so snuggly in his oval frame.  Jan used Colored Impressions' Software to print him out.  Here are some more ideas from Jan and I hope they will inspire you to get some Christmas projects done ... sooner rather than later!  Happy Embossing, :-)  Donna.

Jan's Santa and Tree Tag using LI Template #L901 and Colored Impressions' Software.

Jan's Gingerbread Boy Tag using LI Templates #L9190, #L9279,  i188, and Colored Impressions' Software..
Jan's Santa Card using LI Template #L921, Colored Impressions' Software, and Lawn Fawn Gift Bag Die.

Jan's Santa with Cane Tag using LI Templates #L9190, #L1064, and Colored Impressions' Software.
Jan's Santa & Tree Tag using LI Templates #L9190, #L901, and Colored Impressions' Software.

Jan's Reindeer using LI Tmplate #L9036, Colored Impressions' Software, and Lawn Fawn Gift Bag Die.
Jan's Santa Tag using LI Templates #L9190, #L921, and Colored Impressions' Software.

Friday, July 17, 2020


Donna's Joy using LI Template #S556.

Good morning.  Embossing has always brought me great "joy" and truly my favorite way to craft.  Over the years, as LI has made fewer and fewer brass templates, I have turned to stamped images for my projects but, I always end up with a stylus in hand, a light box, and one of my favorite brass templates.  The "joy" template above is a great image for both a card and/or gift tag.  It's so quick and I love the holly background paper designed by teammate Kaye!  I've used that paper often.  Here are a few more of my "oldies but goodies" Christmas cards below.  Happy Holiday Embossing, :-)  Donna

Donna's Joy2 using LI Template #S556.  Here is another version of my Joy card above using LI's Colored Impression's Software.  Makes a great thank you card and so easy!
Donna's Christmas Delight Pudding using LI Template #L9428 and Colored Impression's Software.
Donna's Winter Hat using LI Template #L9439 and Colored Impression's Software.
Donna's Friends Ornaments using LI Template #L9594.
Donna's Santa Hat using LI Template #L1026.
Donna's Hep Wanted Deer using LI Template #L9168.

Donna's Noel using LI Template #S527.
Donna's Snowone Like You using LI Templates #L9520 and #L9166 along with Colored Impression's Software.